Business Student Organizations

A barefoot young woman in a Rhodes tshirt and jeans sits leaning against a tree reading a book.
A barefoot young woman in a Rhodes tshirt and jeans sits leaning against a tree reading a book.

The Financial Management Association National Honor Society recognizes scholastic achievement through induction of students who have demonstrated superior scholarship. Students accepted for membership in the FMA National Honor Society have the distinction of belonging to the ONLY international honorary society which specifically recognizes the achievement of finance majors and demonstrates their expertise in areas such as financial economics and decision making. Students must meet all of the following qualifications to be inducted into the Honor Society at Rhodes College:

  • Current student membership in the FMA; Active membership (missed 2 or fewer meetings) in the Rhodes Chapter of the FMA;
  • Completion of at least two finance courses;
  • At least a 3.50 GPA in those finance courses and at least an overall 3.25 GPA;
  • Declared major in the Department of Business.

Please contact Jade Planchon for more information at

The Rhodes Organization of Investors Club (ROI) is dedicated to giving students a hands-on experience with making financial investments. Any interested student on campus can join the organization. ROI is a student-run organization that elects its leadership. The organization has monthly meetings during which students manage a student-run portfolio, learn about different investment strategies, and discuss the current events and trends of the financial market. ROI also invites outside speakers to address the student group during the academic year.

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The purpose of the Rhodes Accounting Club is to provide students with an interest in accounting an outlet to further explore the field. Students will strive to learn more about the profession through involvement and engagement in the club and club's activities. The group sponsors guest speakers from various accounting firms to further connections between Rhodes students and the accounting world.

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