Business Awards

an awards ceremony in a college auditorium
an awards ceremony in a college auditorium

Ralph C. Hon Leadership Award Awarded to the senior Commerce and Business major who has the highest achievement in the area of leadership.

Robert D. McCallum Competitive Enterprise Award Awarded to the student who has carried out the most significant entrepreneurial activity while at Rhodes.

TSCPA Accounting Scholarships TSCPA Tennessee Certified Public Accountants Scholarship (State Level): The M.S. in Accounting Program Director (Dr. Pamela Church) reviews applications submitted on a local level in January of each semester and, if deemed appropriate, contacts potential scholarship recipients for their permission to be entered on a state level. Assuming that the student has granted permission to be entered, and it is determined that the student intends to attend college the following fall and spring, then the potential scholarship recipient must request that their learning institution send to Dr. Church an official transcript current through the last semester. The student must have completed Intermediate Accounting and must provide to Dr. Church: an application, two reference letters (can be used from application submitted at local level entry), updated information re overall total hours, major hours, overall GPA, and major GPA no later than May 27th. The state level recipients are notified in late June to mid-July.

CBIZ MHN (formerly Thompson Dunavant) Accounting Awards Awarded to two students who show a strong interest and aptitude for accounting and the potential for leadership in the profession. The first is awarded to a senior major in the Department of Commerce and Business with a minimum 3.0 GPA who will be entering the Rhodes M.S. in Accounting program. The second is given to a junior major in the Department of Commerce and Business with a minimum 3.0 GPA who has completed an appropriate number of accounting courses in preparation for admission to the M.S. in Accounting program.