Alumni in the Arts

a young woman with dark hair stands in a studio in front of a neon sign
a young woman with dark hair stands in a studio in front of a neon sign
a young woman with dark hair in front of the Thames River in London

A study abroad trip helped Robyn Barrow decide to pursue an M.A. at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London, followed by a PhD program at the University of Pennsylvania. 

an African American male with headphones on

Johnathan Payne is a visual, performance, and installation artist currently living and working in New Haven, CT. He received and MFA in Painting and Printmaking from the Yale School of Art in 2018, and has exhibited his work nationally and internationally.

a female with light brown hair

While pursuing my MBA/MA in Arts Administration, Amy Aughinbaugh '12 interned with arts organizations that included the Dallas Museum of Art, the arts education nonprofit Big Thought, and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. She now works for Communities Foundation of Texas, helping to distribute more than $100 million in grants per year, a percentage of which went towards arts and culture initiatives.

a young woman with dark hair with a neon sign in the background

Currently living and working in Brooklyn, New York, Ester Ruiz has shown nationally and internationally. Inspired by space operas, pop culture, geometry and the setting sun, she creates objects that operate simultaneously as miniature landscapes from a distant future and actual-size sculptures informed by the family of Minimalism.

a woman with long dark hair stands in front of an artwork

Working primarily in painting and drawing influenced by print media, collage, and performance, Alexandra Carter has participated in residency projects in Austria, Italy, Sicily, and India and has shown her work nationally and internationally.

a female with dark hair holding a camera

Stephanie Swindle Thomas currently does public relations for the College of Arts and Architecture at Penn State. She uses skills she learned from every job experience she's had--starting with the Office of Communications at Rhodes. Says Thomas, "The arts are everywhere. As long as you build your skillsets and connections, you can be successful. It takes a little creativity, but thinking out of the box is what we do best."

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An architect and associate at LRK Architects, Lloyd Paul was involved in the redevelopment of the Crosstown Concourse, an urban village in what was formerly a Sears store and distribution center. He says, "Studying art provided a framework to help me better understand and then define what I wanted to accomplish through creative pursuits."

a young woman with short dark hair

Emily Sottile '04 is the Director of Sacred Spaces for EverGreene Architectural Arts, a company that designs, restores, and creates architectural artwork (plaster, paint, murals and decorative finishes) for historic and new theaters, state capitals, churches, courthouses, and commercial buildings across the country.

an abstract painting featuring red, white and black

Artist Pinkney Herbert ’77, founder of Marshall Arts Gallery, spends his time living and working between Memphis, TN, and Long Island City, NY. Here, he talks about his 40-year career in art, his current show, his inspirations, and his time at Rhodes.