Office of Communications

A woman standing at a podium addressing the assembled members of the press.

The Rhodes College Office of Communications is charged with telling the college’s story both on and off campus. The communications team carries out its mission by sharing key messages and timely information using a variety of strategies and channels. 

We work closely with the president, the Board of Trustees, and the senior leadership team to support institutional-level communication. Our partnership with the Office of Admission supports the recruitment and retention of well-qualified, diverse students from throughout the country and the world.  We also provide support for a variety of alumni and development initiatives. 

Our team manages the college’s digital presence, which includes and affiliated websites as well as the college’s flagship social media channels. We produce and publish Rhodes magazine. 

The Office of Communications proactively shares stories with local and national news organizations to advance the college’s reputation. The team responds to media inquiries and facilitates interviews with faculty experts and administrators.  

The Rhodes College Brand

The Rhodes College Brand Identity Guide serves as the foundation for all of the college’s communications materials. The document is based on the college’s strategic plan research. Hundreds of voices contributed to the final product through student, faculty, staff, and alumni surveys and focus groups. 

The brand identity guide outlines the proper use of the college’s brand marks and logos, primary and secondary colors, and approved fonts. In addition, the guide outlines how to express the college’s personas through writing and imagery. 

The Office of Communications follows the Rhodes College Editorial Style Guide.