Safety Tips & Other Resources

The college would like to hear about positive or challenging student behavior off campus. However, we do not take the place of Memphis Police or Code Compliance. Notify the police of any suspicious people, incidents, vehicles, or anything else that does not seem right. Code Compliance can be reached at (901) 636-6500  


  • You see people trying vehicle door handles or looking into cars and houses. Lock your doors. 
  • You see any unknown person peeking over your fence, in your backyard, or in your garage. 
  • You see an unfamiliar person in your neighbor’s house, yard, garage, or carport. 
  • You see an unfamiliar vehicle driving slowly through your area repeatedly looking at residences or taking pictures of houses. 
  • You hear any suspicious noise like glass breaking, gunshots/firecrackers, and house/ car alarms. 
  • For your safety, do not follow any suspicious people. Get as much information (person, clothing, vehicle description, and license tag number) as possible and call 911.  

Other Resources
Memphis Police Department
170 N. Main Street 
Memphis, TN 38103 

In case of emergency, dial 911. 
Non-emergency service: (901) 545-2677 (COPS) 
File an incident report online

Rhodes Office of Community Standards
2000 North Parkway 
Memphis, TN 3811 
(901) 843-3899 
Rhodes Campus Safety
2000 North Parkway 
Memphis, TN 3811 
(901) 843-3880