Good Neighbor Tips for Students

Get to know your neighbors. 
Introduce yourself to your neighbors who own and rent in the neighborhood. Exchange contact information and learn a little about each other. Let your neighbors know you care about the neighborhood in which you live. If you know your neighbors, you’ll recognize suspicious people and vehicles that are out of place. 

Model good citizenship.
The college expects that you will be both a leader and good citizen during your time living off-campus. Be respectful of the impact of loud music or activities, rowdy guests or traffic, or other violations of the City’s noise ordinance. It is also expected that you keep your yard, porch, and driveway free of trash.  

Get involved in your neighborhood.
Your neighborhood has an association that meets regularly, shares information of interest to neighbors, and facilitates events and initiatives. 

Keep the noise down.
It is important to be cognizant of the noise you are making in the community. Conversations and commotion should not be heard beyond your house or yard. Music and guests should be kept to a reasonable level. Remember, that you are responsible for the property and your guests. 

Park your car in appropriate places.
Parking is a challenge for students and neighbors. Park only in your driveway, parking spaces assigned to you, or in legal spaces on the street. Do not illegally park across the sidewalk or on the grass or other landscaping. Inform your guests of parking restrictions. 

Be responsible when entertaining. 
Talk to your neighbors before you have a social gathering. Tell them your plans and let them know they can contact you if there are any problems. Neighbors complain much less if they know of the gathering in advance and the time it will end. Afterward, clean up all visible debris left on your and your neighbors’ properties within 24 hours.   

If you are traveling and not at home for a period of time, ask your neighbors to keep an eye on the property.
It is important for you to connect with your neighbors about college breaks and other times you might be out of town. Ask if your neighbors can park their car in your driveway when you are out of town and gather your mail and newspapers while you are gone. Be sure to leave a few lights on throughout the time you are gone to help make the house seem lived in.  

Connect with your neighbors as you are coming in and out of the house, share a hello, a wave, or a smile. It is important that you start by introducing yourself, asking your neighbor if they have any concerns, and how you can get connected to the neighborhood association. Discuss concerns with your neighbors as soon as they arise and before they escalate into larger issues. If you need help with a conflict, contact: 

Memphis Police Department: (901) 545-2677 (COPS) 
Rhodes Campus Safety: (901) 843- 3880