Erika Parr

Erika David Parr

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Erika Parr joins as Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Parr received a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education at Arizona State University. She returns to Rhodes College following a Postdoc at Middle Tennessee State University. Her research focuses on undergraduate students' interpretations of graphs and formal mathematical language, as well as ways to promote conceptual learning that centers student thinking at the secondary and undergraduate levels.

Selected Publications

Parr, E. D. (accepted). Undergraduate students’ interpretations of expressions from calculus statements within the graphical register. Mathematical Thinking and Learning

Sellers, M. E., Roh, K. H., & Parr, E. D. (2021). Student quantifications as meanings for quantified variables in complex mathematical statements. Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 61. Article 100802.

David, E. J., Roh, K. H., & Sellers, M. E. (2020). Teaching the representations of concepts in calculus: The case of the intermediate value theorem. Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies, 30(2), 191-210. 

David, E. J. & Zazkis, D. (2020). Characterizing introduction to proof courses: A survey of U.S. R1 and R2 course syllabi. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 51(3), 388-404.

David, E. J., Roh, K. H., & Sellers, M.E. (2019). Value-thinking and location-thinking: An empirical study of two ways students visualize points and reason about graphs in the Cartesian plane. Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 54. Article 100675.


B.A., Mathematics, University of Dallas
M.A., Mathematics, Arizona State University
Ph.D., Mathematics Education, Arizona State University