How to Apply

Benefits of the Application Process
Although the ultimate goal is for Rhodes students to receive these competitive and prestigious scholarships, the preparation process is designed to be rewarding in and of itself. By competing for a grant, fellowship, or scholarship you will benefit by:

  • developing a better sense of career goals, strengths and interests
  • learning presentation and interview skills
  • gaining knowledge about grant writing
  • receiving individual guidance from Rhodes faculty
  • learning about graduate school opportunities and requirements

Remember, please start early! It cannot be emphasized enough that early participation gives students a much greater chance of securing one of these prestigious awards.

Application Process

  1. Start Early - Application for these awards requires dedication, commitment, and time. To be genuinely competitive for any nationally known postgraduate scholarships, you must start early -- as early as the fall semester of your first year, but no later than the fall semester of your junior year. Often, to be competitive, you will need to adjust your curricular and co-curricular activities to fit the desired scholarship and this can take a semester or longer to implement. You will need adequate time to craft an impressive dossier.
  2. Prepare for Deadlines - Be aware that preparation and planning applications due in the fall semester of your senior year must begin no later than the spring semester of your junior year. These applications are to be submitted to the to the designated faculty representative on September 20 of your senior year.
  3. Seek Faculty Advice & Reviews - Consult faculty advisors early about course schedule changes or research and service opportunities that you may need to boost your application. Allow plenty of time for administrators and faculty to write thoughtful supporting letters. The Post-Graduate Scholarship committee also meets to discuss dossiers, schedule mock interviews, and prepare letters of endorsement. A personal meeting with members of the Post-Graduate Scholarship Committee will be arranged by the Committee Chair (see contacts). Please contact him/her as early as possible (preferably before spring semester of your junior year) to discuss your unique academic credentials and the scholarship program you wish to pursue.
  4. Practice - Take time to practice interviewing, and to write (and rewrite!) your personal statement.

We're Here to Help

Contact the Co-Directors of Post-Graduate Fellowships

Dr. Esen Kirdis
Department of International Studies
(901) 843-3208

Dr. Jason Richards
Department of English
(901) 8432-3517