Who We Are

A man in a checked shirt stands in front of a bookshelf.
A woman with glasses and a striped sweater standing in front of flowers.

Participating Faculty (Fall 2021) 

  • Dr. Kenneth Morrell
  • Dr. Steve McKenzie
  • Dr. Joseph Jansen 
  • Dr. Geoff Bakewell 
  • Prior Semesters: 
  • Dr. Rebecca Tuvel
  • Dr. Dan Cullen 
  • Dr. Susan Satterfield 
  • Dr. Patrick Gray
  • Dr. John Kaltner 
  • Dr. Judith Haas 
  • Dr. Janelle Bakker (Memphis Theological Seminary) 
  • Dr. Erin Dolgoy 
  • Dr. Lori Garner 
  • Dr. Timothy Huebner (Associate Provost) 
  • Dr. Jonathan Judaken 
  • Dr. Katherine Bassard (Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs)

Incarcerated Students: 

The program has served over 75 students over the last 5 years, with women ranging from their 20s to 70s. Any determined individual with a GED can apply to the program. 

7 students paroled so far. 

5 students with a Certificate in Liberal Arts so far. 

Student Involvement: 

  • Ellie McIntyre (’22), Prison Program Fellow 
  • Katie-Ann Miller (’23), Prison Program Fellow 
  • All students enrolled in Dr. Haynes’ Fall 2021 Mass Incarceration course