Pre-Professional Advising

Pre-Professional Programs & Advising

Pre-professional programs and advising at Rhodes provide mentoring and preparation for students while they earn credits required to apply to advanced programs in the following fields:


Contact: Dr. Pam Church (901) 843-3920


Students with an interest in architecture are advised to pursue a major in art. It can be either studio or art history. They should also consider an internship with an architecture firm while pursuing their undergraduate degree.

Contact: Dr. David McCarthy (901) 843-3663



Finance: Dr. Pam Church  ((901) 843-3920 and Dr. Jade Planchon (901) 843-3983

Management: Dr. Dee Birnbaum (901) 843-3995

Marketing: Dr. Sujan Dan (901) 843-3829

Clinical Psychology

Students interested in a clinical psychology career may receive advising from a member of the Psychology faculty.

Contact: Dr. Katherine White (901) 843-3989

Education Professions

Rhodes offers an interdisciplinary major and minor in Educational Studies, as well as a Master’s in Urban Education. Undergraduates choose between three major tracks: Teaching and Learning, Community and Social Change, and Policy and Reform. Students may obtain professional licensure in both the undergraduate and master’s programs.

Contact: Dr. Zac Casey (901) 843-3742


Rhodes offers three pre-engineering programs: dual degree programs with Washington University (St. Louis) or CBU (Memphis) and a BS/MS degree program in biomedical engineering with the University of Tennessee and University of Memphis.

Contact: Dr. Ann Viano(901) 843-3912 

Foreign Service

Contact: Dr. Steve Ceccoli (901f) 843-3823

Health Care Management

Contact: Dr. Dee Birnbaum (901) 843-3995

Health Professions

We offer targeted advice for students considering health professions. About one-fifth of our student body is investigating careers in medicine, pharmacy, nursing, dentistry and other health industries. Rhodes recognizes the importance of a single source of information for the often complicated process of applying to medical school and other programs. The Director of Health Advising, along with a committee of faculty, helps interested students gain the strong undergraduate coursework, research and service experience that get Rhodes graduates accepted to medical school at twice the national average.

Contact: Jessica Kelso, (901) 843-3081


A variety of of different majors serve as excellent preparation for law school. Virtually all Rhodes students and graduates who apply to law school are admitted to at least one of their choices.  Interested students are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor and the Pre-Law coordinator. 

ContactDr. Anna Eldridge (901) 843-3818 

Ministry and Church-Related Professions

Rhodes has an advisory pre-ministry program for students considering seminary or divinity school after graduation and for those who are exploring vocations in ministry- and church-related professions. 

Contacts: Dr. Steve Haynes (901) 843-3583 and Chaplain Beatrix Weil (901) 843-3822

Museum Curation

Contacts: Dr. Victor Coonin (901) 843-3824 and Dr. David McCarthy (901) 843-3663

Public History/Historical Museums

The Department of History trains students to enter the world of Public History, a vibrant field which takes the study and practice of history to a broad public audience thanks to growing employment opportunities in museums, libraries and archives, and historic preservation. A Concentration in Public History  offers a unique combination of coursework and experiences, including internships with community partners such as the National Civil Rights Museum, the Stax Museum of American Soul Music, the Memphis and Shelby County Public Library, Memphis Heritage, and many more. The program prepares students for employment and graduate study.

Contact: Dr. Jeff Jackson (901) 843-3662


Contact: Dr. Joy Brooke Fairfield (901) 843-3937


In addition to relevant courses, veterinary programs require hands-on experience as an employee, volunteer, or intern (such as with Rhodes’ internship program).

Contact: Dr. Alan Jaslow (901) 843-3602