Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Rhodes College

Rhodes College is committed to inclusive excellence and to building a culture of belonging. We are grateful for the work toward this vision that has been done by those who came before us and we embrace our own responsibility for responding to new and persistent challenges. Making sustained progress on building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus, requires campus wide commitment. It calls on us to reflect on the past, to be aware of the present, and to imagine the future. We can gain confidence from reflecting on ways we have already grown in positive directions even as we take full stock of the road ahead.

As we report on our progress, we also must note the place where progress has stalled. And we must set ambitious goals to work toward.

This report describes our IDEAS Framework which informs our emerging IDEAS plan. Under the leadership of Dr. Sherry Turner ’84, Vice-President for Strategic Initiatives and Chief Diversity Officer, the IDEAS plan will offer a multi-year plan, benchmarks, and tactics for creating and enacting a strategy that will lead us towards a more inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible campus

The report also provides a snapshot of current areas of action and attention. These areas and others will be incorporated into the IDEAS plan.

For additional information, contact Dr. Sherry Turner.