Experiential and Applied Learning

Rhodes students have the opportunity to demonstrate the relevance of their liberal arts education and prepare themselves for the future through a wide array of experiential and applied learning opportunities. These co-curricular experiences enable students to gain hands-on experience in their fields of interest while preparing them for lives of intellectual promise and leadership. Students complement their classroom experiences through engaged learning activities such as undergraduate research, fellowships, community and global engagement, internships, and postgraduate study.

a student holds a globe showing the constellations while a professor looks on

Whether through independent study or as faculty research assistants, Rhodes students conduct leading-edge research and creative activity that produces original intellectual or creative contributions in a wide range of fields.

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The Fellowships program allows students to take their learning beyond the classroom and into the world around them.

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About 75 percent of Rhodes students take advantage of learning opportunities off-campus and abroad in 130 approved international and domestic programs. 

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Each year, 75 percent of Rhodes students complete internships at world-class companies in Memphis and throughout the country to gain real-world experience from top-notch mentors. 

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More than 80 percent of Rhodes students are involved in some form of service through the many programs offered through the college and in partnership with the Memphis community. In addition, the Lynne and Henry Turley Memphis Center at Rhodes includes a range of institutes, programs, and initiatives that offer support and resources for interdisciplinary scholarly activity and student research. The Memphis Center supports students in their interactions with community arts organizations, as well as student experiential learning opportunities in Rhodes’ surrounding neighborhoods.

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What are you doing after graduation? The faculty Postgraduate Scholarship Committee coordinates the endorsement and application process at Rhodes for nationally prestigious scholarships.

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Since its inception in 1944, the Meeman Center for Lifelong Learning has fulfilled Rhodes’ commitment to learning as a lifelong process by engaging adults from the Mid-South and beyond in liberal education