Teaching Licensure in Social Studies

A professor and two students look at a manuscript
A professor and two students look at a manuscript

History and Education Licensure

Work Toward Teaching Licensure

Students can double major in history and educational studies if they wish to pursue teaching licensure in the state of Tennessee.  Students in the program take a wide range of courses which will help them prepare for their teaching practicum and the PRAXIS examination required for licensure.

The Department’s curriculum meets the rigorous standards defined by the National Council for Social Studies as a preparation for teaching in secondary schools.  Students in the program engage with the following thematic areas so that they are prepared to be outstanding classroom teachers:

  • Culture and Cultural Diversity
  • Time, Continuity, and Change
  • People, Places, and Environments
  • Individual Development and Identity
  • Individuals, Groups, and Institutions
  • Power, Authority, and Governance
  • Production, Distribution, and Consumption
  • Science, Technology, and Society
  • Civic Ideals and Practices

Students seeking teaching licensure complete their student teaching practicum in the semester following graduation. 

Prof. Jeff Jackson is the History Department’s education studies advisor and is able to discuss specific scheduling issues for history majors who are also pursuing an education degree and teaching licensure.  He works closely with Dr. Zac Casey in the Educational Studies program to make sure that history majors get the guidance they need.

Other Tracks in Education Studies

For students not working toward teaching licensure, History courses are among the options which they can take to fulfill the requirements for either the Teaching and Learning track, the Community and Social Change track, or the Policy and Reform track.

History course electives include:

  • The United States in the Twentieth Century 
  • African American History 
  • Civil Rights Movement 
  • History of Memphis  
  • Gender in the United States 
  • Slavery in the United States 
  • Civil Rights in Memphis 
  • African American Activism