Multicultural Vision Program

Multicultural Vision Program: Peer Mentoring for Success (MVP) is a mentoring program for incoming multicultural students and students of color. The MVP mission is to create a network for incoming students to connect with their peers from diverse backgrounds, faculty, staff, and the campus community. Connections established facilitate a smoother transition into the Rhodes community and assist in navigating campus and maximizing use of available resources. Mentors serve as a resource to answer questions, give advice, and assist you while you adjust to the campus.

logo for Multicultural Vision Program

Q: What does MVP do?

A: MVP is meant to introduce you to a strong network of multicultural students and staff, offer unlimited resources as you navigate Rhodes, and allows for a smoother transition to college life.

Q: What is the role of an MVP mentor?

A: Mentors are a selected group of returning multicultural students who serve as a resource to answer questions, give advice, and assist you while you adjust to the campus. Mentors will check in with you all year making sure you have everything you need to succeed at Rhodes.

Q: Do MVP members move in early?

A: Yes, the MVP program hosts a two-day retreat prior to Welcome Week. During this retreat, program members are able to meet their mentor, get adjusted to campus, learn about campus resources, and get to know their classmates. 

Q: What types of activities does MVP host?

A: MVP hosts a variety of activities throughout the school year including regularly scheduled program meetings, attending multicultural events in the city of Memphis, and volunteering at local non-profit organizations.

Q: Does it cost to join MVP?

A: There are no costs associated with the program! 


a multicultural group of students meets in a large room

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