Policies and Guidelines


Getting Here

Rhodes is located in midtown Memphis at 2000 North Parkway, across from Overton Park at North Parkway and University Street. The formal entrance, where a campus safety officer can assist you with further directions, is located on University Street.

Memphis is served by Interstates 40 and 55 and the Memphis International Airport.


Registration will take place at Burrow Hall. Once you arrive at the campus, follow the “Writing Institute” signs, which will direct you off of University Street, and towards Burrow, where you will receive your registration packet.


Coursework and Grades

The Institute offers college-level courses taught by Rhodes faculty. Each course, regardless of discipline, will be writing-intensive and will result in approximately 25 pages of both original and revised written work. Professors teach and assess student performance according to their own pedagogies. Classes are held Monday through Friday from 9 – 11 AM, and students are expected to attend all sessions in a timely fashion. Students will need to purchase textbooks at the Rhodes bookstore (~$25) on the first day of class or may purchase their book prior to arrival (faculty will communicate with students approximately one week before the session).

At the end of each course and no later than July 15, students will be emailed a letter describing the nature of the class and the performance of the student along with an appropriate grade. This letter will remain on file with the Institute and the grade will be forwarded to the Registrar’s office, where the student will have an official transcript. Beginning August 1, students may request that a copy be forwarded to the Rhodes College Admissions Office or any other educational institution for inclusion in the student’s application file. All requests should be made to the Rhodes College Registrar (901/843-3885).


Attending classes is an integral part of the Rhodes Summer Writing Institute. Because the courses are writing intensive and many professors use class time to workshop papers and discuss the reading, students will benefit most if they attend all class periods.  The class sizes at the Institute are small (8-12 students) and therefore students receive a high level of personal attention to their writing and interpretive skills.

Attending classes is a required part of the Institute. If a student becomes unable to attend class, it is assumed that he or she is also unable to attend other program activities. After 48 hours of illness or impairment leading to class absence, the student will be asked to withdraw from the program and will be granted reimbursement based on the Refund Policy.

Honor Code

Throughout the history of the College, emphasis has been placed on a true spirit of honor and integrity. The objective of the Honor System is the spiritual, moral, and intellectual development of the individual student, which is promoted and encouraged by the freedom and responsibility the student gains by virtue of living within the Honor System. Students are personally responsible for their work, their actions, and their word. Because these actions take place in a larger community, students have a responsibility to that community. Students must protect their freedom by encouraging adherence to the Honor Code, and by reporting any violations of which they are aware to the Director. This process of cooperation is vital to the spiritual, moral, and intellectual development of Rhodes College.

College Credit

Successful completion of the Writing Institute grants each student two college credits transferable according to the policies of the home institution. The student may request a transcript sent from the Rhodes College registrar (901/843-3885) to him or herself or to any school. There may be a small processing fee. Successful completion of the course means a grade of D or above and a minimum of 20 hours of class time. Credits will not be released if any portion of a student's account remains unpaid.

Computer Labs

The college computer labs in Barret Library (033, 035 and 128) are open 8:30 AM – 5 PM weekdays. The Institute will offer additional hours in the Middle Ground from 7 – 9 PM Sunday through Thursday and for several hours on the weekend as the need arises and when other activities are not planned. 

Students are not permitted to save their work on the hard drives of the lab computers. Students should bring a USB thumb/jump/flash drive to save, transport, and print their work. Printer paper is provided by the college.

Students wishing to bring their own computers may do so. To print their work, they must save their documents as MS Word or text files; otherwise they will not be able to print papers at the Rhodes computer lab. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm that their files can be printed on Rhodes printers via Rhodes computers. A computer lab monitor can assist students in this process.

Students will have access to the internet via the Rhodes server. To access the internet from a laptop or personal computer, students will need wireless capability. There are various wireless access points around campus, including in the dormitories. Students may purchase wireless connectivity products at the Rhodes College bookstore.

Student Computers

Students are free to bring any laptop to campus. A newer laptop, either Mac or PC, will work. Barret library has over 100 computers you can use if yours is broken or if you don't have one. A USB Flash drive is needed to save your work when using a Barret Library computer.

While students are given free access to the technological services necessary for a successful completion of the program, the Writing Institute expects that its students abide by College computer access policies. Students are prohibited from engaging in actions that lead to unauthorized access by persons outside the College or Institute, acts that solicit unauthorized services, and actions that lead to a disruption to service within the network.

Unauthorized Access. Unauthorized use/access includes giving a valid username and password to any unauthorized individual, business, or agency outside of the Rhodes community. Accounts and passwords are not to be shared.

Unauthorized Services. Users must not run unauthorized servers, including but not limited to DNS, DHCP, email, file sharing, print, video or audio streaming, web, peer-to-peer, or other application services. Such services disrupt and in some cases disable central services.

Denial or Disruption of Service. Users must not deny or disrupt or attempt to deny or disrupt service to other users by means of excessive consumption of resources, distribution of computer “worms” or viruses, excessive computing load or deliberately causing the failure of any system resource, including email, bandwidth, or web services. Uses of computer resources that may cause excessive network traffic are prohibited.

A full, online version of the policies can be found in the College Student Handbook.


Barret Library will be open from 8:30-5 PM Monday through Friday. Although you will not be able to circulate materials, they will be available to you in the library, as will the quiet places to work, read, or study. The library also offers access to computers during weekday hours.

Library catalog search

Basic Information:
Dedicated in 2005, the Paul Barret, Jr. Library building stands on the Rhodes campus as a monument to the generosity of its donor, Mr. Paul J. Barret, Jr.

The library maintains an open shelf policy and Rhodes users are expected to follow the College Honor Code as it pertains to the treatment of College property.

In June, 2006 the collection included 283,170 volumes, 1,232 print periodical subscriptions, 50,000 electronic books, over 15,000 full text journals through licensed databases, 99,000 microfilm/microfiche items, 11,000 audio visual items including phonodiscs, compact disks, DVDs and videotapes.


Residence Halls

The Institute is a residential program that requires all students to reside in the College dormitories. Exceptions can be made for students with special needs. Girls and boys will be separated, and all students will share a room and/or suite with 1-3 other students. Bathrooms are shared by suite mates or hall mates. The dormitories are air conditioned, and each room offers a twin bed, desk, and dresser for each student. Students must provide their own bed linens (XL twin sheets, blanket, pillow) or choose the $40 bedding fee. Each dormitory has a social room with a television and, in most cases, a DVD player. A coin laundry facility is available and the program provides detergent. Campus and local telephone calls are free, but long distance calls require a telephone calling card. Upon arrival, each student and parent will be given an information sheet with the student’s room number, telephone extension, and class schedule. The Summer Writing Institute is a non-smoking program; this includes cigarettes, vapes and Juuls.

At registration each student will be issued an electronic entry card device (card or fob) that unlocks the main dormitory door and a key that unlocks the individual room. Each student issued a dormitory card and room key is independently responsible for those items and should keep them with him or her at all times. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure his/her residence hall door is locked at all times. The College is not responsible for the loss, damage, or theft of any student’s personal property, including, but not limited to, computers, cell phones, or jewelry.

Students living on campus are expected to keep their dormitories (rooms, hallways, social rooms, courtyards) and other social
areas clean of trash.

Upon check-out, students must leave their rooms in undamaged, clean condition and must return their key and entry fob. Failure to do so will result in cleaning and/or replacement charges of $25 (each) to the student's account. Transcripts and evaluations are withheld for unpaid accounts.

A fully equipped recreation center with state-of-the-art weight and exercise machines will be available for your use. There is also a swimming pool. Bring whatever equipment you will need (tennis racket, swimsuit, etc.).

Meal Plan

The Institute participates in the College Dining Services meal plan. A buffet style meal with a vegetarian option is served in the Rhodes main dining hall three times a day: Breakfast 7:30 – 8:30 AM; Lunch 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM; Dinner 5:30- 6:30 PM. Between meals, the cafeteria is closed, but students may purchase snacks from the Lynx Lair, located in the Bryan Campus Life Center, and the Rhodes Bookstore (open weekdays 9-5 PM) or from vending machines located around the campus and in their the dormitories. Snacks will also be provided at most social events. 

Students should indicate on their medical release form if they have dietary restrictions.

What to Bring

Students often ask what to bring. Here is a list of suggested items to consider when packing: Casual clothes (jeans, shorts, t-shirts) swimsuit, sneakers, toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, sunscreen), linens (XL twin sheets, pillow, blanket, or choose the $40 bedding fee), towels, alarm clock, umbrella, backpack/bag, cell phone and charger, camera, school supplies (notebook, pens, USB thumb/jump/flash drive), $25-50 spending money, musical instrument (especially if you plan to play for Open Mike night), laptop (desktop computers also available in computer lab).

Social Rules and Regulations

Students at the Writing Institute are expected to familiarize themselves with and comply with the rules and regulations outlined in the both the Rhodes College Student Handbook and in the Rhodes Summer Writing Institute Policies and Guidelines statement. The College and Institute reserve the right to dismiss a student for any violation of these rules and regulations or policies. In particular, the Institute upholds a zero tolerance policy for violations involving a) alcohol or drug use or possession, b) crossing gender boundaries in the dormitories; being found in the room or on the hall of a member of the opposite sex, c) leaving campus independent of Institute excursions and d) receiving non-Rhodes community visitors. Any such dismissal from the Institute will be without refund for either tuition or room and board and without awarding of credit. Each student and his or her parent must sign the Statement of Responsibility enclosed in the acceptance packet before the student will be permitted to attend the Institute.

Diversity Statement

A diverse learning community is a necessary element of a residential liberal arts education. The members of the Rhodes College community are committed to creating a community where diversity is valued and welcomed. To that end, Rhodes College does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, color, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and national or ethnic origin and will not tolerate harassment or discrimination on those bases.

Illness and Medical Emergency

Before registering at the Institute, each student must provide a signed copy of the Health Information form and the Emergency Response Plan enclosed in the acceptance packet, along with a copy of insurance card. (Accepted students must provide proof of health insurance before enrollment.) Because 98% of the students attending the program are minors, the Institute must present health information to medical professionals in the event of an illness or injury so that the student can be treated. If the student has a minor illness (cold, slight fever) or injury that does not require immediate medical attention, the Institute will consult the Health Information form and treat the student according to the instructions provided by the parent. If a student requires immediate or emergency attention, the Institute will again follow the Health Information form Medical Release Form and arrange for a doctor visit or ambulance. If health information needs to be updated in the days before the Institute, please contact us directly. If a student needs further medical attention and/or remains ill for 48 hours, parents will need to arrange to withdraw their student from the program. Coverable costs will be refunded on a pro-rata basis.

Mail Services

The Rhodes College post office sells stamps and handles all mail directed to the campus. It is open Monday through Friday 9 AM – 3:30 PM.  Parents and friends may send letters and packages to their students addressed as follows:

Student Name
Summer Writing Institute
Rhodes College
2000 North Parkway
Memphis, TN 38112

Packages arriving by UPS and FedEx are also delivered to the post office. Weekend deliveries are made on the following Monday. All mail delivered to students at the Writing Institute will be taken to the dormitories, where students may pick it up between classes. Local parents my drop off packages at Burrow Hall Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. Mail received for Institute participants after the session is over will be forwarded to the address on file whenever possible.


Off-Campus Activities

During the two weeks of the program, students may participate in various outings to local attractions. Transportation is provided by the Institute, but students must pay their own admission fee at the venue (the typical cost of admission is $8-15). By signing the Statement of Responsibility, the student’s parent grants permission for the student to travel off-campus in this way.

Campus Safety and Visitors

The goal of the Institute is to offer students a true pre-college experience, complete with residential living, college-level coursework and social activities. To accomplish this and to provide a cohesive group experience, students are asked to remain on campus throughout the 12 days of the program. The program field trips will offer an opportunity for students to see Memphis.

Because the Institute bears legal responsibility for the well-being of each of the participants, students are not permitted to leave campus except on official Institute trips. The Institute does not permit local students to return home for family events, meals, or activities, except in emergency circumstances. This is due to the tight schedule of the program, and in order that the Institute remain fair to other students. Similarly, in accordance with Rhodes College security policies, visitors, including parents, are not permitted on campus during the summer session.

Leaving campus outside of the program’s trips is a violation of policy and may be grounds for dismissal. Students who drive to the Institute will be asked to relinquish their keys for the duration of the program. In instances where the student drives, parents will be notified when the student leaves Rhodes campus at the end of the 12-day session.

The telephone number for the Campus Safety office is (901) 843-3880.


Program Fees

The following services and activities are included in the Institute’s program fee: tuition, room and board, all social activities (except field trip admission), workshops, and access to the Bryan Campus Life Center (pool, tennis, etc) and other campus facilities. Students may purchase Rhodes merchandise, books, school supplies, snacks and sundries at the Rhodes College Bookstore, located on West Campus. Vending machines and coin laundry are located in the residential halls.

Payment Policy

All payments must be made via the Student Portal. Rhodes College accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and checks (online).  

Once a student is accepted, a nonrefundable deposit (Early Decision) or full payment (Regular Decision) is required to hold his or her place in that summer’s session of the Writing Institute. The amount and due date(s) for this deposit or payment will be indicated on the student’s acceptance letter. 

Refund Policy

The deposit is non-refundable. Once the remaining payment is due, refunds can be made only on re-coverable costs (for example, room and board). Rhodes makes financial commitments on students’ behalf well in advance of the start of each Rhodes program, including the Institute. Hence, refunds will be made only on recoverable costs, less a 10% processing fee. 

Once classes have begun, all requests for withdrawal must be initiated by the student and his or her parent through the Director of the Institute. The official date of withdrawal will be the date when approval is obtained from the Director. A student can receive a pro-rated refund only in the event that he or she withdraws due to protracted illness or injury that prevents completion of the Institute’s academic work and, as such, is certified by a physician, psychologist, or other qualified professional. The pro-rata charge for refund will be made only on recoverable costs like room & board.

We strongly encourage all enrolled students to purchase travel insurance that covers illness, travel disruptions, and prepaid costs.

 Financial Aid

The Institute has limited funding to provide for need-based financial aid. Students whose family income (AGI) is <$80,000 may apply for aid on the Student Portal. Aid applicants may be asked to submit further documentation. Aid recipients who withdraw prior to or early from the program are entitled to receive the appropriate refund (minus 10% fee) on the pro-rata portion of their own payment as indicated by the refund policy and for medical reasons only. The Director of the Institute (not the Rhodes Financial Aid office) makes all financial aid decisions.


Admission Tours and Interviews

Students at the Institute wishing to interview or tour the campus with the College Admissions Office may do so at any time during their stay, excepting class time. The Admissions staff will offer an informal admissions information session during the program and will be available to interview prospective Rhodes College students during normal business hours. 

Tours of the campus are offered on the day of arrival/registration and on the day of departure/checkout. Times will be posted at registration. Parents and friends are invited to join students on this 30-minute guided walk around campus


Midtown Memphis Lodging




Holiday Inn at Univ. of Memphis

3700 Central Ave

901.678. 8200

Inquire about Rhodes College discount

Holiday Inn Express

1180 Union Ave


Inquire about Rhodes College discount





Downtown Memphis Lodging




Hampton Inn & Suites at Beale Street

175 Peabody Pl.


Inquire about Rhodes College discount

Holiday Inn Select

160 Union Ave


Inquire about Rhodes College discount

Crowne Plaza Hotel 

300 N 2nd St 


Inquire about Rhodes College discount

Peabody Hotel 

149 Union Ave


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SpringHill Suites

85 W Court Ave


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East Memphis Lodging




Double Tree by Hilton

5069 Sanderlin Ave



Hampton Inn

5320 Poplar Ave



Hilton Memphis 

939 Ridge Lake Blvd







Midtown Dining



√ Denotes Fine Dining

Bar-B-Q Shop

1782 Madison Ave



Boscos Squared

2120 Madison Ave



Cafe 1912

243 S Cooper St


Café Eclectic  

603 N. McLean Blvd



Café Ole

959 Cooper St



Café Society

212 N Evergreen St 


Huey’s Midtown

1927 Madison Ave




2119 Madison Ave



McAlister’s Deli

Poplar Ave & Highland 




928 S Cooper St






Downtown Dining




Chez Phillipe

Peabody Hotel 


Huey’s Downtown

77 S Second St



Itta Bena

145 Beale Street


The Lookout at the Pyramid

Bass Pro Shop



The Rendezvous

52 S Second St 



Pearl's Oyster House 

299 S Main St




383 S Main St






This local area information is merely being included for the convenience of Institute participants and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Rhodes College Summer Writing Institute.


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