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Alumni Relations

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Alumni Relations

How do I get a copy of my transcript or a replacement diploma?

Procedures for receiving your Rhodes transcript can be found here. The Alumni Relations Office can order a Rhodes College version of your Southwestern diploma. Replacement diplomas are ordered once a year, please submit your request to the Registrar′s Office no later than March 1st. The cost for a replacement diploma is $100.00. If you have any questions contact the


How do I update my information with the Alumni Relations Office?

Please email any updates for contact information, employment updates, marriages and births to the Alumni Office at or call 901-843-3845.


How do I submit a class note?

Please visit the Class Notes page to submit class notes. If there isn’t an assigned reporter for your class, feel free to submit to


How can I get an alumni decal for my car?

Show your Lynx spirit all over town by sporting a Rhodes alumni sticker! Just email the Alumni Office and we can send one in the mail. Or, if you are in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by the Alumni Office located in King Hall on the northwest corner of University and North Parkway.


Who do I contact if I am interested getting involved in my Chapter?

Express your interest by emailing


How can I refer a prospective student or schedule a campus visit? 

You’re our best advertisement for the Rhodes experience, and the Admissions Office will be happy to help you schedule tours, an overnight stay or interviews for prospective students of your acquaintance. Fill out the Refer a Student form to let us know about prospective students. You can also visit the Admissions site or call 1-800-844-5969.


Who can I contact to order a class ring?

You may order a class ring directly from Josten’s by contacting Ms. Robin Alberson at or 901-465-9188.


What events are coming up on campus or in my area?

Check out the Rhodes calendar of on-campus events or the alumni events page.


Where can I find Rhodes magazine online?

Click here!

Annual Giving


Rhodes operates on a fiscal year beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30. Because your support is so important to Rhodes, our Annual Giving office makes a concerted effort to reach you, utilizing mail, Phonathon callers, class volunteer callers, staff visits and small group events, emails, providing opportunities to give at alumni events, and though social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Once we have received your response, we will not contact you for an unrestricted gift again in the same fiscal year.


What are the goals for the Annual Fund?

This year's goals for the Annual Fund are 42% alumni participation and to raise more than $2.65 million. The Parent Campaign goal is $435,000.


Can I make a gift in honor or memory of someone?

Yes – on the online gift page, you may indicate your honoree in the “comments” section. Please provided contact information if you would like the College to notify a family member or honoree of your gift.


Can I make recurring credit card gifts?

Absolutely! Many donors spread payments out over the course of the year. You may establish a monthly gift using either your credit card or bank account. Gifts will be on-going, and you can modify or stop them at any time.


Are gifts tax-deductible?

Yes. You will receive an acknowledgment for your records at the time of your gift.


How will my gift be recognized?

Once annually, Rhodes publishes an Honor Roll of Donors, which appears in the fall edition of the Rhodes Magazine.


Will my gift make a difference?

Unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund provide necessary budgeted capital to meet Rhodes’ greatest needs. Your gifts are a significant, and vital, source of support. It would take an additional $2,000 per student/year in tuition expenses to provide an equal amount of Annual Fund support. 79% of all gifts to the Annual Fund last year were $50 or less - Every gift matters!


What is Rhodes’ tax ID number?

Our tax identification number is 62-0476301.


Will my gift count toward my class/chapter?

All gifts made to the Annual Fund will count toward your class or chapter charitable totals – your gift could impact our overall giving in multiple ways!

Planned Giving

What is a planned gift?

A planned gift is a major gift, made in lifetime or at death, generally as part of the donor’s overall financial and/or estate planning.  Planned gifts are usually gifts of assets, as opposed to income, and often allow donors to make larger gifts to Rhodes than they normally could make from income.  Planned gifts can be structured to achieve a variety of financial goals, including providing income for you during your lifetime, minimizing taxes, and preserving assets for your heirs. For more information, visit our planned giving page (link to or contact Nicki Soulé ’93, Director of Golden Lynx Programming, at 901-843-3740 or


What is a deferred gift and how does it differ from a planned gift?

A deferred gift is a type of planned gift.  Deferred gifts are planned gifts designed to benefit Rhodes in the future.  For more information, visit our planned giving page (link to or contact Nicki Soulé ’93, Director of Golden Lynx Programming, at 901-843-3740 or


What is the most common type of deferred gift?

Bequests are the most common type of deferred gift.  Traditionally, most bequests have involved provisions naming Rhodes as a beneficiary of the donor’s will or trust.  As estate tax laws have evolved, many donors have begun to name Rhodes as a beneficiary of their tax-deferred retirement plan.  Tax-deferred funds, if left to an heir, are subject to income tax upon distribution.  If left to a charity, on the other hand, those same funds pass tax-free.  Simply leaving tax-deferred funds to Rhodes and funds that have already been taxed to individual beneficiaries can maximize the amount each ultimately receives.  For more information about bequests, visit our planned giving page (link to or contact Nicki Soulé ’93, Director of Golden Lynx Programming, at 901-843-3740 or


Is there a minimum amount for bequests or other planned gifts?

Gifts in all amounts are welcome and valuable.  Certain types of gifts, particularly those that pay income to the donor like gift annuities or unitrusts, may have minimum amounts.  For more information, visit our planned giving page (link to or contact Nicki Soulé ’93, Director of Golden Lynx Programming, at 901-843-3740 or


Why is it important that I notify Rhodes when I include the college in my estate plans?

Rhodes is honored by each donor who includes us in an estate plan, and values the opportunity to recognize and thank donors.  We have several donor recognition programs (often referred to as legacy societies) and want all planned giving donors to have the opportunity to participate in one of them.  Perhaps most important, we want to make sure that we know how you would like your gift to ultimately be used by the college.  To notify us of your estate plans, contact Nicki Soulé ’93, Director of Golden Lynx Programming, at 901-843-3740 or


Even though my gift is deferred, will I be able to specify how my gift is used?

Yes. At the time the gift is planned, the Rhodes staff will work with you to make sure that your gift will be used for the purpose that you intend.  Many donors are initially unsure of how their gift might best benefit the college.  Ideally, planned gifts represent the intersection of the college’s needs and the donor’s philanthropic goals. We can work with you to design a gift that inspires you and achieves your financial and philanthropic goals.  For more information, visit our planned giving page (link to or contact Nicki Soulé ’93, Director of Golden Lynx Programming, at 901-843-3740 or