For Faculty Advisers

Academic advisers are invaluable in Rhodes’ efforts to inform students of study abroad opportunities. 

Advisers are in the best position to encourage their advisees to begin the process of study abroad as early as possible in their college careers, enabling them to have sufficient time to find the program that best fits their academic interests. Planning ahead in this way will help them chart their course for a successful academic plan at Rhodes. The more conversant the Adviser is on the variety and scope of program offerings, the better able the student is to make informed choices about their options for study abroad. The Buckman Center encourages advisers to read the Faculty Adviser Handbook and to explore the possibility of study abroad with all advisees, and to put interested students in contact with the Buckman Center.

Once students have selected a program, they should work with their faculty adviser to choose courses which will enable them to make normal progress toward completion of major and degree requirements in a timely fashion. Supporting students with the best advice available on academic policies related to study abroad is our priority. Rhodes faculty can rely on the Buckman Center for up-to-date information, clarification, and guidance as they communicate with their students.