Meeman Center for Lifelong Learning

Since its inception in 1944, the Meeman Center for Lifelong Learning has fulfilled Rhodes’ commitment to learning as a lifelong process by engaging adults from the Mid-South and beyond in liberal education. Meeman Center promotes personal and professional development to individuals and businesses through programs, courses and trips distinguished by their academic excellence.

Topics include literature, art, languages, science, current events, history, religion, philosophy and other areas. Courses—led by Rhodes faculty and invited experts, including Rhodes alumni—vary in length and run September through November and January through May. 

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Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) may be earned through any Meeman non-credit course.



"Class was fantastic.  I would never have thought about or had access to the galleries Hamlett took us.  Well done."

"The selected readings were excellent, and transitioned nicely one to the next.  The class was filled with delightful, insightful participants.  The entire experience was a wonderful, extraordinary gift."   

"Having recently retired, I wanted to expand my knowledge in subjects not work-related; Meeman’s Life-Long Learning programs offer the opportunity to study philosophy, ethics, history, literature and other liberal arts.  Just as important, the professors, the staff and my fellow participants are accomplished, smart and friendly people.  I plan to enroll in the Meeman’s offerings for a long, long time to come as they are all first-class." -- Ken Blackburn

"The most satisfying two hours of meaty discussion in Memphis!  Dan knows how to stimulate the best discussions exploring all aspects of a topic fearlessly.  The questions discussed are the ′big questions′ I wish our communities/nation would think about more!"  

"This was the first course I have taken at Meeman Center and I found the instructor exceptional and class members insightful."