George Washington Early Selection Program

Rhodes - George Washington Medical School

This program is designed for students who have proven themselves academically and shown motivation to pursue a career in medicine in their first two years at Rhodes. Students must know early on that they would like to attend the George Washington University Medical School over all other medical schools.

Acceptance to this program would allow a sophomore to receive an assurance of later admission to George Washington Medical School based on his/her record from high school and the first two years at Rhodes.

Qualified* Rhodes’ sophomores can apply for this program in their second term.

If accepted, and if they graduate from Rhodes with continued progress, accepted students will have the freedom to plan and develop their liberal arts studies in a more open way while preparing for medical school. Accepted students will not be required to take the MCAT which allows their senior year for completion of medical school prerequisites and removes MCAT preparation and stress. This freedom can more easily facilitate foreign study, research, or service projects.

*Specific requirements for application 2nd term sophomore year

- US citizenship

- full time at Rhodes with 60 hours completed at Rhodes by the end of the 2nd year

- minimum SAT v,q = 1300 (650+650), or ACT of 28

- completed one year of chemistry and a year of biology or physics by the sophomore year.

- completion of either Intro. to Sociology or Foundations of Psychology by the 2nd year.

- 3.6 cumulative GPA and no grades below a B- in a science

- first and sophomore year medical experiences

- Rhodes program proposal (plans for remaining years at Rhodes)

- students must have a non-science, non-math-CS major or minor.

- three recommendations a (one from HPA advisor. one from Sci Prof)

- review and recommendation by Rhodes HPA Committee.

- students will be interviewed at GW May/June after their sophomore year.


*Specific continuation requirements for students accepted for early selection

- completion of all prereq’s including Biochemistry, Psych, and Soc

- completion of four more terms at Rhodes.  This is not an accelerated path.

- continued cumulative GPA 3.6 and no grades below a B- in any science

- continued clean record re: academic and social regulations.

- continued health care experience and community service

- faithful reporting to, and review, by Rhodes HPA each term.

- graduation from Rhodes

- application through AMCAS for early decision for GW Medical School for matriculation

   in the year following graduation from Rhodes

- AP, IB, and transfer credit will be allowed on a case by case basis

- Students taking the MCAT will be dropped from GW ES.

- Prereq’s not taken at Rhodes must be approved first by GW

- All changes to accepted plan for Jr & Sn years must be approved by GW

- Requirements taken 2nd term senior year must be approved by GW