Prof. Nelson Discusses the Turbulent Presidential Election of 1968 with Chapter 16

a male professor with white hair in an office with book-lined walls

In an interview with Chapter 16, Prof. Michael Nelson of the Department of Political Science discussed his book Resilient America, which is about the turbulent election of 1968, the parallels of that election to recent events, and the lessons that apply to the election of 2016.

When asked by Chapter 16 about the legacies of the presidential election of 1968, Prof. Nelson responded, "What 1968 showed, and this is the reassuring lesson for today, is how resilient the American constitutional system is. When you think of the strains placed on that system in 1968—assassinations, riots, college campuses in turmoil, a president driven from office, and more—the Constitution’s ability to withstand those strains, channel dissent in constructive ways, and endure is heartening."

The full interview can be read here.