Meet Aly Ruhl: Rhodes' New Director of Greek Life

Aly Ruhl has been hired as Rhodes College’s new director of Greek life, leadership, and engagement. She earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, and went on to complete a master’s in college student personnel while working in Kansas, Ohio, and New York. 

Ruhl’s primary focus on campus will be supporting Greek life organizations, in addition to serving as an advisor to IFC (Interfraternity Council), NPHC (National Pan-Hellenic Council), and Panhellenic. 

“Rhodes has a really strong Greek community, and I think that it helps that it’s a small college, so everyone knows everyone to begin with,” says Ruhl. “Students are coming into a Greek community that already has that sense of family.”

As Greek life director, Ruhl says she plans to put more emphasis on education and risk management. She wants students involved in Greek organizations to learn how to be social while staying safe.

“I really view the role of Greek life as an enhancement to the overall college experience. That is one of my overarching goals; whatever I do, I want to make sure it’s serving that purpose,” she says. “It should never be that you have to choose between academics and Greek life or a job and Greek life. Greek life should be helping you with your academics. It’s helping you with making a connection on campus, and it’s helping you to network with alumni that you could potentially be working for someday.” 

Ruhl moved to Memphis about a year ago to work for Kappa Delta Headquarters and fell in love with the beauty of Rhodes’ campus and, more recently, with the passion of the students.

“What sold me during my interviews was my time with the students. That is when I knew I wanted this job. They care so much about Greek life at Rhodes,” she says. “I’m excited to be the person to help them push the Greek community to be the best it can be.”