McCoy Theatre’s “The Unencumbered” and “Candide” Nominated for Local Theatre Awards

actress on a pinkish/purple-lit theater stage, sitting on a cushion with raised hands while staring upward
Jillian Franks in “The Unencumbered”

The Ostrander Awards nominations, honoring excellence in Memphis theater, have been announced. In the college division for 2016-2017 productions, Rhodes’ McCoy Theatre received nominations for “The Unencumbered” by Elizabeth Hersh and Mark Ravenhill’s “Candide.”  The ceremony will be held Aug. 27 at the Orpheum Theatre. 

McCoy Theatre received nominations in the following categories: 

Hair/Wig/Make-Up Design
Sophia Deck–“Candide”
Sheila Guerrero–“The Unencumbered”

Costume Design
Zoe Gresham, David Jilg, Carolyn Parks, Kilby Elisabeth Yarborough–“Candide” 

Sound Design
Elizabeth Hersh –“The Unencumbered” 

Supporting Actress in a Drama
Miranda Colegrove–“Candide”

Supporting Actor in a Drama
James Baker–“Candide” 

Leading Actress in a Drama
Clare Edgar–“The Unencumbered” 
Jillian Franks–“The Unencumbered” 

Best Original Script
“The Unencumbered”