Introverted? Admission Officers Lauren Sefton and Megan Starling Offer Advice for Applicants

Lauren Sefton and Megan Starling, associate directors in the Office of Admission, recently spoke with to offer tips to ease the college application process for introverted students. Although they might seem to be at a disadvantage compared to extroverts, Sefton says, “Introverts really have the opportunity to shine in the admission process, since they often know themselves extremely well."

Making a personal connection, says Starling, even outside of the admission office, is important, as that person can act as an advocate: "Maybe you are not comfortable making small talk with an admission counselor or random student tour guide, but even introverts enjoy dialogue about a topic of interest." She continues, “If you love a certain subject, request to meet with a professor. If you love riding horses, reach out to a member of the equestrian program."

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