"Grit Grind Ride" Premieres Nov. 5 at Indie Memphis

a young white male sitting down behind the microphone of a radio station. the computer screen showing volume levels is also in the shot
Kirkwood Vangeli '17

Take Note: A Podcast of Rhodes College

Ride along with Kirkwood Vangeli '17 as he takes us through the world of Memphis skateboarding. Kirkwood’s short film, Grit Grind Ride, premieres Saturday, Nov. 5 at the Indie Memphis Film Festival. Showtime is 10:30 a.m. at Circuit Playhouse.

As a student at Rhodes College, Kirkwood found a way to make a business, Fluxus Skateboard Co., out of his passion for the board and, for extra measure, added a burgeoning film career covering the skateboarding scene. Like many others, Kirkwood says he found his true self at Rhodes.

Hear about his love of skateboarding as an art in our podcast Take Note.