5 Places You Might Not Find on a Tour of Rhodes

Rhodes may be a compact campus, but that doesn’t mean there still aren’t some secret places and spaces widely unknown to the student population. Even the buildings that we see everyday house hidden treasures in their architecture. Here are some of our favorites:

1. You might miss many interesting details at Rhodes if you forget to look up. One such detail is the Streete Sun Dial. The Streete Sun Dial is located on the south side of Rhodes Tower and was placed there in honor of physics professor Jack Streete.

2. If you are looking for a little quiet time while on campus, check out the Daughdrill Memorial Meditation Garden. Named after one of our beloved past presidents, this area takes advantage of the beauty of the neighboring Fisher Gardens. Located close by is the Adrienne McMillan Burns Memorial Labyrinth.

3. Every time Rhodes builds a new building on campus, a gargoyle of the current president of the college is hidden somewhere on the building. Pictured are gargoyles of President Daughdrill and President Diehl.

4. The Math Library in Ohlendorf is another of Rhodes’s hidden treasures. The two-story stained glass windows are breath taking on a sunny day, and you can get really comfortable lying on one of many couches. Since you have to know to go to the second floor of to get to it, not many people utilize the space, making it a great study spot.

5.  Rhodes has two Chapels on campus that you might not know were there. One is in Bellingrath Hall and the other is in Voorhies (pictured below). Both chapels are accessible at any time with your fob.