Modern Languages & Literatures


One of the best ways to understand your own cultural heritage and the thought patterns that inform it is to compare them to cultures and languages that are different from your own. With the chance to step into another cultural space—through language, literature, art, and popular culture—we come to appreciate who we are. We also learn to look at the world from a different perspective and more fully comprehend the range and complexities of human expression.

Modern Languages and Literatures at Rhodes College aspires to take students on an exploratory voyage. Each of our programs can challenge and charm. Each offers new doors to the world and we welcome you to enter any one of them at any time. To find out more about the curriculum for each language or the possibilities for study abroad, follow the links (in the lefthand column of this page) to the sections that interest you most.

Below is our Modern Languages and Literatures view book.  The view book contains up to date information regarding department events, study abroad opportunities, and faculty and student achievements and honors. Please take a look!