Rhodes Mock Trial Finishes in Top Ten

a diverse group of students victoriously holding their trophy
Rhodes College Mock Trial Team

The 2016-2017 mock trial season ended April 21-23 with Rhodes competing in the National Championship Tournament in Los Angeles and finishing in the national Top Ten, based on tournament results over a three-year span: 

1.  Yale
2. University of Virginia
3. Rhodes College
4. Georgia Tech
6. Columbia
7. Harvard
8. Miami
9. Michigan
10. Berkeley

Each year at the national, the American Mock Trial Association awards All-American honors to the best attorneys and witnesses.  Jennifer Bitterly ’18, an English and philosophy major, and Kelsey McClain ’19, a Russian Studies major, earned an All American attorney awards, placing them among the top 20 mock trial attorneys in the nation. “With almost 700 total teams in AMTA this is an amazing accomplishment,” says mock trial coach Anna Smith.

Captain Meredith Clement ’18, international studies and political science, was named an All American Witness, placing her in the top 20 witnesses in the country.