International Studies

International Studies

The Department of International Studies at Rhodes College is somewhat unique in the architecture of colleges in that we have the infrastructure of an entire academic department devoted to international studies. The department offers courses in the areas of international relations, comparative politics, foreign policy, security studies, ecopolitics, and political economy. It features approximately 70 majors, seven full-time faculty members, and one full-time staff member.

The department offers unique opportunities for students, including undergraduate research opportunities, student simulations such as Model United Nations, a student-published journal, study-abroad opportunities, as well as a variety of local, national, and international internships.

The faculty, staff, and students of the I.S. Department invite you to browse our site to find out more about our programs, faculty, and students and their scholarly interests as well as updates on what is happening in the department and where our majors have gone after graduation.

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Professor Amy Risley, Department Chair