Megamachines, Monsters, and Movie Music

Megamachines, Monsters, and Movie Music:  Nuclear Culture In American and British Science Fiction Television from the 1950s to the Present

Since the 1950s, science fiction television in America and Britain has repeatedly explored dehumanizing megamachines, horrific megaweapons, and the nuclear states—unprecedented concentrations of political, economic, and social power--necessary to sustain those weapons. Film scholar and music historian Stan Pelkey considers what these television representations may reveal about our collective hopes and anxieties.

Stan Pelkey: Arts Entrepreneurship in the City

This presentation will explore practical ways that arts and humanities majors can think about entrepreneurship in relation to their disciplines and professional development while considering how arts entrepreneurship has intersected with urban redevelopment efforts.

Dr. Stan Pelkey is Associate Dean, Engagement and Entrepreneurship College of Music, Florida State University, a composer, and a musicologist who researches the history of film music. 


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