Guest Artist: Classical Guitarist Douglas Rubio

Douglas Rubio is Professor of Classical Guitar at the State University of New York at Potsdam. He has performed throughout the United States as a soloist and chamber musician, and has been the featured concerto soloist with the Montecito (California) and Pennsylvania Centre chamber orchestras, and the Orchestra of Northern New York. His Avalon Guitar Duo won First Prize in the 1985 Guitar Foundation of America International Duo Guitar Competition, and is featured on the compact disc GFA Winners Circle 1982-1993.

Megamachines, Monsters, and Movie Music

Megamachines, Monsters, and Movie Music:  Nuclear Culture In American and British Science Fiction Television from the 1950s to the Present

Since the 1950s, science fiction television in America and Britain has repeatedly explored dehumanizing megamachines, horrific megaweapons, and the nuclear states—unprecedented concentrations of political, economic, and social power--necessary to sustain those weapons. Film scholar and music historian Stan Pelkey considers what these television representations may reveal about our collective hopes and anxieties.


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