The Sou′wester

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All of the available issues of the College′s student newspaper, The Sou′wester, can be accessed on DLynx. The inaugural issue of the Sou’wester was published November 15, 1919 and has continued without interruption as a proud publishing tradition. From the beginning, the Sou’wester has been written and published by students as a forum for student expression, as a voice for free and open discussion of issues, and as an educational setting in which students can gain journalistic practice.The introductory editorial in the first issue states “[the College paper] is the most democratic institution a body of students can establish…[it] belongs to one group as much as the other, and enters into every activity known in the college.”

"The Sou’wester is not reviewed by College administrators prior to distribution. The College assumes no liability for the content of this official student publication and urges all student journalists to recognize that with editorial control comes responsibility, including the responsibility to follow professional journalism standards" (In effect April 26, 2004, Dean of Students). Funding for the digitization and creation of the image database was made available by the Barret Library Administration.