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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry homepage. Our department views modern chemistry as a broadly diverse science, with roots in physics and mathematics, and applications in biology, geology, neuroscience, medicine, and industry.

Students who major in chemistry often go beyond the classroom and seek out a variety of opportunities, either on-campus or off-campus. One such student is Diana Bigler (Left), a class of 2015 Chemistry major and Religious Studies minor who plans to pursue Medical School upon graduation. Diana began research in the Chemistry Department in her Freshman year, working in Dr. Cafiero′s group. Diana studies the selectivity of SULT enzymes. SULT enzymes are responsible for metabolizing dopamine, resveratrol, acetaminophen, and many other xenobiotics (drugs), and Diana′s work has implications in future drug design. Diana has presented her work at American Chemical Society national conferences in New Orleans (13) and Dallas (14), as well as at the Conference on Current Trends in Computational Chemistry (13), and the annual MERCURY conference (12, 13). Diana won an award for her poster presentation at the CCTCC, and won the Chemistry Department′s Sophomore/Junior Research award in 2014. Diana performed some of this research as a paid Rhodes Fellow in the summers of 12, 13 and 14, and plans to complete Honors research in her senior year.

Diana serves as a Laboratory Teaching Assistant for the very popular Chemistry and Art and Chemistry and Archaeology classes (Students: email the Department Chair for more information on serving as a Teaching Assistant). She is a Rhodes Diplomat, has served as her sorority′s philanthropy chair, and was chosen as the Sorority Woman of the Year in 2014.

Diana has also found many opportunities outside of Rhodes. Diana has volunteered at Le Bonheur Children′s Hospital since her Freshman year in in-patient service and in the emergency department. For the past year she has filled the role of Kinney Site Coordinator and acts as a liaison between the hospital and Rhodes volunteers. This past summer Diana spent two weeks in Tenerife (in Spain′s Canary Islands) shadowing Physicians and gaining exposure to the Spanish healthcare system. While there she also lead English classes for the Hospital staff.

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