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The Department of History provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the historical forces that have shaped the world’s civilizations.  Studying history helps one to develop a critical perspective on the world and to understand how one’s own identity and culture relate to those of others.  The Department particularly prides itself on the diversity of its course offerings, its emphasis on faculty and student research, and the opportunities it offers for students to engage in internships and fellowships in the Memphis community.

No matter what vocation a student chooses after graduation, historical study helps one to comprehend and contextualize the problems of contemporary society, while also enhancing one’s research, writing, and presentation skills.]


Peyton Nalle Rhodes Phi Beta Kappa Prize

Benjamin Evans of Dallas, TX (in the photo above on the left), received the 2014 Peyton Nalle Rhodes Phi Beta Kappa Prize, which is given to the graduating senior who exemplifies the highest qualities of achievement, creativity, and commitment to the liberal arts and sciences. He graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor of arts degree in history and international studies. He became a member of Phi Beta Kappa his junior year.

Evans arrived at Rhodes as a Bellingrath Scholar, and at the close of his first year was recognized by the Search program for his exceptional achievement in interdisciplinary humanities. His many scholarly accomplishments include publishing archival research on Memphis’ yellow fever epidemic and working at the German Marshall Fund in Brussels, where he reported on ongoing international conflicts.

Professors have commended Evans as “that ideal student for whom there is nothing beneath his interest and nothing above his critical inquiry and analysis.” He recently was honored in both his majors with the John Henry Davis Award, which is given to the outstanding senior history major, and the Anne Rorie Memorial Award, given for excellence in international studies.