Department History

Chemistry began on the Memphis campus of Rhodes College in the fall of 1925 with the opening of the Science Building (later to be named Kennedy Hall). Although the Science Building, a collegiate gothic structure of three stories, was planned to be devoted exclusively to chemistry, it housed in its first four decades all of the college′s science departments.

Chemistry Research

Each member of the Department has an on-going research program, thus research opportunities for students are available in a wide variety of areas. Students work on computer modeling of drug-protein interactions, synthesis of novel anti-bacterial molecules, analysis of pigments used in cave paintings, studies of the cell walls of fungi, and more. Visit the links below for an in-depth description of each faculty member′s research program.

Chemistry Honor Society

The Iota Beta chapter of the Gamma Sigma Epsilon National Chemistry Honor Society was established at Rhodes College in 2010 by Elizabeth Jeans (Chemistry 2011), Caroline Lee (Chemistry 2011), Michelle Shroyer (Chemistry 2011), Alex Tong (BMB 2011), and Niti Yogesh (Chemistry 2012). This Honor Society, founded in 1920 at Davidson College, recognizes students who have done excellent work in college chemistry classes.

Our Mission

The objectives shall be:

Russ Research Group

Russ Research Group: Chemical / Biological Studies of Ancient Paints and Hazardous Explosive Detection

My research is focused on two projects: (1) Chemical analysis of prehistoric rock paints; and (2) Methods to detect explosives at a distance. At first these might seem diametrically opposed, but in fact both require the use of sophisticated, state-of-the-art chemical instruments.

Chemical/Biological Studies of Ancient Paints in the Lower Pecos Region of Texas