Posthuman China: A Lecture by Mingwei Song

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Posthuman China: Science Fiction, Heterotopia, and the Poetics of Invisibility

Dr. Song will discuss the contemporary new wave of Chinese science fiction through the prism of the award-winning book “Three-Body Problem,” a three-volume Chinese science-fiction novel. Dr. Song argues that the contemporary new wave of Chinese science fiction presents a subversive vision of China’s pursuit of power and wealth, a dystopian counterpart to the government-promoted “Chinese dream.”

My Life in China: A Documentary Film Screening and Q&A with Director Kenneth Eng

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My Life in China depicts a journey of a Chinese-American family
    seeking identity through the transformative process of
    documentary filmmaking. 
    About the Director:
    Kenneth Eng is a director, editor, and executive producer.  After
    graduating from Boston Latin School, Ken left for New York in
    1994 to study film at the School of Visual Arts.  His thesis
    Scratching Windows, a short documentary film about graffiti
    writers, was broadcast as part of the doc series REEL NY on WNET
    - NY PBS. In 2001, Ken directed and edited Take Me to The River, a
    feature-length documentary about the Maha Kumbh Mela festival in
    Allahabad, India. Kokoyakyu: High School Baseball, his film about
    the famous Koshien Tournament in Japan, was nationally broadcast
    on PBS as part of POV and continues to play in Japan on NHK-TV. 
    In 2007, Ken was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship to launch My
    Life In China.  Recently, he edited Tested for director Curtis
    Chin, and is currently developing projects on post-genocide
    reconciliation in Rwanda and the Critical Legal Studies movement
    at the Harvard Law School.
Join us for a reception, film screening,
    and Q & A with the director. This event is free and open to the
    Rhodes community and the public.

CANCELLED: Prof. Sharon Kinoshita: Marco Polo and the Global Middle Ages

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*Prof. Kinoshita has had to cancel her visit to Rhodes due to severe flooding and mudslides in Santa Cruz, CA.*

Sharon Kinoshita, Professor and Chair of Literature at UC-Santa Cruz, will speak on "Marco Polo and the Global Middle Ages."

Prof. Kinoshita's current work is primarily focused in Medieval Mediterranean Studies. With Brian Catlos (Religious Studies, Colorado-Boulder and History, UCSC), she co-directs the UCSC Center for Mediterranean Studies as well as the University of California Multicampus Research Project Initiative in Mediterranean Studies ( Her work in this area includes two book manuscripts in progress. Paying Tribute: Old French Literature and the Medieval Culture of Empire studies vernacular French representations of and interactions with an imperial culture, distinct from that of post-Carolingian Europe, shared by Latin Christian, Byzantine, and Muslim courts. Medieval Mediterranean Literature explores new approaches to canonical and non-canonical medieval texts in the historical context of the high and late medieval Mediterranean, c. 1100-1400. In the field of Old French Literature, Prof. Kinoshita has recently co-authored books on Chretien de Troyes and Marie de France. She is currently working on a translation of and monograph on Marco Polo.


Emily Wilcox: The Postcolonial Blind Spot

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Emily Wilcox will speak on Chinese dance and Socialist culture in the era of Third World-ism. She is assistant professor of modern Chinese studies in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Michigan.

Cold War historiography has left us with a "postcolonial blind spot" when it comes to understanding Maoist culture in China: we have been taught to view Chinese culture only through the lens of a narrowly understood "communist" culture. In fact, China was deeply involved in anti-colonial Third World movements. This lecture traces international exchange connecting Chinese artists to South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America. 1949 to 1965 marked a moment of global exchange across the socialist and postcolonial worlds, creating an alternative spere of the moder that is too often occluded by Cold War memory.

Free and open to the public.

Asian Studies
McCoy Theater, Asian Studies