Research On Campus

In any given semester, a dozen or more students conduct original laboratory or field research under the guidance of faculty mentors.  A student may use four credits of Research in Biology (Biol 451/452) to satisfy one of the upper-level course requirements in Biology.  In addition, some faculty sponsor students for summer research, especially when grant funds are available to pay student stipends.  Students have presented their work in a variety of venues, including URCAS and the Rhodes Journal of Biological Sciences on campus, the Tennessee Academy of Sciences regional meeting, the Nationa

Research Off-Campus

Rhodes maintains partnerships with several research facilities in the Memphis area.  To gain academic credit for off-campus research, students need a Rhodes faculty sponsor and a research mentor at the off-campus institution.  The links below provide further information and application instructions for these programs.

Biology Internships

The Department of Biology, in conjunction with Rhodes Career Services office, sponsors a number of internships. Internships offer an excellent opportunity to observe and participate in a workplace environment. Such experiences allow students to explore various career options as they decide how they will apply themselves after graduation.