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Study Abroad

We encourage students to find a way to spend a semester (or at least a summer) abroad. How can you call yourself a student of human behavior when you have contact with peoples who comprise only 5% of the world′s population? American approaches to psychology are quite different from the rest of the world, so broaden your knowledge and your experience by studying abroad. In addition, as the USA globalizes, having intercultural skills will make you more desirable as an employee. You may think it is too expensive, but there is scholarship money available. You may think you can′t fit it into the major, but we will count many foreign psychology courses, even if they don′t map into our own courses. Search for programs in Psychology in Rhodes' Online Portal for Off-Campus Study and speak with a Study Abroad Advisor in an Advising Session about your many options.

Usually, the best way to get the most educational advantage of time abroad is to take courses in the art, music, culture, or history of the region visited.  Therefore, we do not strongly encourage students to take psychology courses while studying abroad.  There are exceptions, however.  If you would like to study abroad at an institution that offers special opportunities for studying some aspect of psychology, talk to your advisor.  All study abroad transfers will be evaluated on an individual basis.