Campus Resources

  • Kurzweil/Firefly Software—an assistive technology research-based resource designed to enhance student learning. It is especially helpful for students who are multisensory, visual and auditory learners by offering text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and study/writing tools. Kurzweil is cloud-based and accessible from your tablet, smart phone, or personal computer. Rhodes has a site-wide license making this software available to all current employees and students. Contact SAS for more information.
  • Campus Map with Accessibility Guide — identifies all accessible building entrances, restroom locations, ramps, and parking spaces.
  • Lynx Cart Service—complimentary intra-campus transportation. Contact Campus Safety at 901-843-3880 for a transport.
  • Testing Room—located in 303 Barret Library, this is a non-proctored, distraction-limited testing space accessible by fob only to Rhodes students with approved testing accommodations. Students must use the online Testing Room Appointment link to schedule each test time. Contact SAS for more information.

Additional Campus Resources

Students with disabilities are encouraged to take advantage of the following resources available to all Rhodes students.

  • Academic & Learning Resources—individual assistance, workshops, resources, and peer coaching focused on time management, organizational skills, and learning strategies..
    • ­Peer Coaches—upper-level students who assist peers with time management, independent learning, study habits, and goal setting. 
    • ­Peer Tutors—course content assistance available for many introductory courses on a walk-in basis.
    • ­Supplemental Instruction—SI targets traditionally difficult academic courses and provides regularly scheduled, out-of-class, peer-facilitated group study sessions.
  • Career Services—individual career counseling and assistance with self-assessment, career exploration, and major/career decision-making.  
  • Chaplain—pastoral care, discussing spiritual needs, meditation tips and more.  Contact Beatrix Weil at 901-843-3822 or
  • Counseling Center—short-term, confidential individual and group counseling by a trained professional, free of charge. To schedule an appointment, call 901-843-3128 or email
    • ­Psychiatric Services—students can be referred to the psychiatrist for the prescription of psychiatric medications.  An additional fee is billed directly to the student’s Rhodes account, where it is listed as an M.D. visit.
    • ­ After-Hours—when the Counseling Center is closed, students may call the after-hours counselor at 901-843-3128. Other emergency and crisis services include Lakeside Hospital (901-377-4733) and Rhodes Campus Safety (901-843-3880).
  • Information Services—meet with a Librarian for assistance with any research or information technology needs. Contact Helpdesk at 901-843-3980.  
  • Language Center—resources and peer tutoring in Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Latin, and Greek. 
  • Mathematical and Computational Reasoning Center—drop-in peer tutoring and peer-led group study for those enrolled in introductory mathematics and computer science courses.
  • Study Abroad—individual advising related to researching study abroad programs, applying for programs, and identifying need-based or merit-based scholarships.  
  • Writing Center—assistance for student writers of all levels at any stage of the writing process and for writing in any discipline.