Resources for Temporary Conditions

Students with temporary impairments (e.g., concussion, broken leg, surgery recovery, etc.) may benefit from the following resources:

  • Lynx Cart—Complimentary intra-campus transportation service. Contact Campus Safety at 901-843-3880 to request an escort.
  • Campus map with accessibility guide—Map noting accessible building entrances, campus routes, restroom and parking locations.  
  • Temporary accessible parking permit—Campus Safety will issue a temporary accessible parking permit for two weeks, no certification required.  Contact Campus Safety at 5 Spann Place or 901-843-3880 to complete this process.  Contact SAS for an extension.
  • Concussion Protocol—Rhodes provides support and accommodations for students recovering from concussions through the Return to Learn Concussion Protocol. 
  • Provisional accommodations—Students with temporary impairments may benefit from provisional academic and/or housing accommodations. Schedule a time to discuss your access needs and explore possible provisional accommodations. 

Students experiencing a temporary illness (e.g., infection, flu, mono), not rising to the level of disability, are advised to email their faculty about their condition and work with them independently on any missed work.