Housing Accommodations

Housing Accommodation Requests

Student Accessibility Services, Residence Life, and Physical Plant work together to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to the college’s housing resources. Students interested in requesting housing accommodations should follow these application procedures in a timely manner. All requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Continuing students should complete this process by November 1 for spring semester housing or March 1 for fall semester housing. New students should complete this process by June 15 and are encouraged to contact SAS as soon as possible after committing to attend Rhodes.  Housing accommodation requests submitted after these dates will still be considered. However, students approved after the preferred dates may need to be placed on a wait list for a necessary housing assignment to become available.

Students who are not granted a disability-related housing accommodation, who choose to not accept the room offered as an accommodation, or who submit late requests should complete the standard room selection process through Residence Life.

Examples of Housing Accommodations

Housing accommodation examples include, but are not limited to:

Important Notes

  • All students pursuing housing accommodations must complete the necessary form to request on-campus housing.  Refer to the Residence Life website for important details and deadlines for the room selection process.
  • Students who have received housing accommodations in the past must renew the accommodations with SAS each year before the appropriate deadline listed above.
  • All housing accommodation assignments are determined by Residence Life and based on available spaces that satisfy the accommodation.  When possible, Residence Life may assign one requested roommate to the space.
  • Students approved prior to the deadline listed above will be notified of their housing accommodation assignment before the standard room selection process begins.  If not satisfied with their assignment, students may complete the standard room selection process and attempt to secure a preferred space. 
  • Medical single room requests are not granted solely on the basis of having a quiet place for study.  With the number of people living in residence halls, shared facilities and shared resources, a single room does not necessarily provide a quieter, more distraction-limited space than a standard shared room.
  • The amount charged to students in approved medical single rooms will be determined based on the residence hall. Students with disabilities who are approved for a medical single room accommodation will be billed at the lowest rate for the assigned residence hall (e.g., the double room rate). Any student choosing to trade-in their medical single room assignment for an available higher-tier room (e.g., apartment-style unit or under-booked double) solely based on preference will be charged the corresponding higher rate.

Contact SAS for additional information on housing access accommodations or other accommodations and services for students with disabilities.