Important Information About Your Bill

Please read this information concerning your Rhodes College bill.

All students scheduled to be enrolled for the fall 2022 semester are billed prior to the semester the full-time tuition rate of $26,000. If the student will not be returning to Rhodes for the fall semester, please contact Student Development & Academic Services at 901-843-3885. If the student enrolls in 11 credit hours or less and is a commuting student, the tuition charge will be reduced to the part-time rate a few weeks after classes begin. (Note: Only commuting students enrolled in 11 credit hours or less qualify to pay the part-time tuition rate.) To calculate the part-time tuition charge, multiply the number of credit hours for which the student plans to enroll by the part-time tuition rate for 2022-23 of $2,225/credit hour and make your payment for that amount. Keep in mind, however, that part-time students may not qualify for financial aid.

Room and Board
If a different meal plan from the one listed on the Fall Room & Board line on the bill is desired, or if you have a question about housing, please call the Residence Life Office at 901-843-3241.

Tuition Refund Plan Coverage
All students are automatically enrolled in the Tuition Refund Plan provided by A.W.G. Dewar and charged for full coverage for the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters on the Fall tuition bill. Students have the option of waiving coverage by completing a waiver form online at The charge for coverage will be removed from the student′s account soon after the waiver is completed. The deadline for waiving coverage is August 1, 2022.

If the student expects to receive enough financial aid to cover books as well as tuition, room, and board costs, the student should charge their Bookstore purchases to their Bookstore house account. At the end of each month, the total amount charged to the house account during the previous month will be added to the student′s tuition account, and financial aid which exceeds the tuition, room, and board charges will automatically be applied to the house account charges. Bills are sent periodically for charges incurred by the student which are not covered by financial aid.

Financial Aid
If credit is not shown on the bill for the student′s scholarships, grants, loans, etc., it is normally due to one or both of the following reasons:

  • The student has not accepted their financial aid award. All students must accept their award on BannerWeb before credit for those items appears on the bill.
  • Documentation is not complete. If there are any outstanding document requirements for financial aid (which may be viewed on the BannerWeb), credit for financial aid funding may not be shown on the bill.

Otherwise, anticipated credits are reflected on the bill, even though Rhodes will normally not receive the actual disbursements until classes begin. (Note: Even though the bill payment due date is August 9, it is not a problem that the loan disbursements are not received until after that date.) Keep in mind that the lender will withhold between 1% and 2% of federal direct student loans and between 4% and 5% of Parent (PLUS) loans as origination fees when the disbursements are made, and this expected net disbursement amount is reflected on the bill.

Outside Scholarships and Payment
If the student is receiving a scholarship from an entity outside the College that does not yet appear as a credit on the bill or a payment is expected from a state prepayment program, you may deduct the amount you expect the College to receive from these sources for the semester from your payment. You do not need to provide an explanation for the deduction. If the total amount that outside sources will pay is expected to equal or exceed the total amount due on the bill, a payment is not required, and it is not necessary to provide an explanation to Rhodes.

Monthly Payment Plan
Rhodes provides a monthly payment plan thru Nelnet that allows the bill for each semester to be paid in 5 installments as an alternative to paying the semester in full on the August and November due dates. The fall semester payments are due the 1st of each month from August thru December, and the spring semester payments are due the 1st of each month from January thru May. The only additional amount charged for paying the bill via a monthly payment plan is a $47 enrollment fee per semester, which is payable with the first installment each semester. A link for setting up a monthly payment plan will be included on the billing e-mail message for each semester.

Payment Address
If you are mailing a check, please make your check payable to Rhodes College, write the Student ID number on the check, and mail the check and the payment stub to the following payment address: Rhodes College, ATTN: Rhodes Express, 2000 North Parkway, Memphis, TN 38112.

International Students
Students from outside the United States may make payments using FlyWire.

For questions about the bill please call Rhodes Express at 901-843-3278 or send a message to