Academic Internships

Academic internships help students translate learning into action.
We believe interns should gain more than just work experience. They should build connections between concepts from the classroom and situations in the working world. They should refine their skills and act as leaders. Rhodes students are qualified for many professional activities including accounting, research, technical writing, marketing, and counseling.

Rhodes academic interns work 10 hours per week during the fall or spring semester (approximately 140 total hours) and receive four hours of academic credit. Although students are not paid for their work, the guidelines below are designed to ensure the internship provides a valuable academic and professional experience.

How can I become a sponsor for an academic internship? 
Complete the Employer Internship Proposal Form. Upon completion, this form will automatically send to Career Services to review. All academic internships must include:

  • Project-oriented work or career-related activities that pertain to the student’s area of study
  • A mentor who will assign work, explain its relevance, and provide ongoing evaluation

When is the deadline for submitting a proposal?
Because internships are part of the academic schedule, students register for an approved internship several months in advance of the semester. Proposals must be submitted to Career Services by the appropriate deadline for the semester in which the internship will begin:

  • Proposals for internships to be completed in the Fall Semester- February 1
  • Proposals for internships to be completed in the Spring Semester- September 1

What can I expect after I submit a proposal?
Faculty members will review your proposal and determine if it is appropriate for academic credit. Once accepted, your internship will be listed on the internship listings page.

The Director of Career Services contacts prospective internship supervisors in early November to arrange spring internships, and in early April to arrange fall internships.

What are the guidelines for an academic internship?
To participate in the academic internship program, internships must be related to one or more of the academic departments at Rhodes.

Employer responsibilities:

  • The intern’s work must be project-oriented. No more than 25% of the work should involve clerical responsibilities (such as copying, faxing, answering phones, cold calling to schedule appointments, filing, and typing). Extended research on the Internet without guidance also is not appropriate.
  • The intern must report to a professional staff member, not a clerical staff member.
  • The intern supervisor must meet with the intern at the beginning of the term to provide an orientation and to explain responsibilities and expectations.
  • The supervisor is encouraged to provide feedback throughout the internship. A formal written evaluation of the student will be requested by Career Services at the end of the semester.

Student responsibilities:

  • The applicant must be a junior or senior with an overall GPA of at least 2.5. The student also must receive approval by the faculty internship coordinator, who determines a student’s preparedness for the internship.
  • ​The student is expected to work 10 hours per week for about 14 weeks. The intern must inform the supervisor of requested time off and arrange to make up time missed.
  • The intern must abide by the employer’s policies regarding conduct, dress, and protocol.
  • The intern is expected to complete all assignments in a thorough and timely fashion.
  • Throughout the internship term, the student is encouraged to seek feedback from the supervisor. The student will complete a written evaluation of the internship experience at its conclusion.