The Four Year Approach

We advocate a four-year approach to planning your future! It is an approach that is tried and tested, and has proven itself by yielding great results for our students. In 2016, both Zippia and College Choice ranked Rhodes as one of the top colleges for Career Services in Tennessee and in the nation:

  • Rhodes gives students “an extremely high rate of success in applying to and entering graduate and professional programs” (College Choice, Mar. 2017)
  • Rhodes has a 95.77% placement rate for students who are employed 10 years after graduation (Zippia, Apr. 2017). This means not only do students get jobs coming straight out of college, but we assist them in turning those jobs into decades-long careers.
  • Rhodes ranks in the Top 10 schools nationwide for:
    • Getting a job (Zippia, Apr. 2017)
    • Psychology Majors (Zippia, May 2017)
    • Computer Science (The Bookmark, May 2017)

We do this by promoting our Four Year Plan!

Comprehensive Career Development

First Year

  • Come to Career Services and meet your advisors. Try to come to the office for meetings at least 2 to 3 times during the year.
  • Form strong professional relationships with fellow students and professors.
  • Create a professional wardrobe.
  • Create a professional social media presence, particularly on LinkedIn.
  • Locate a summer job, internship, or volunteer opportunity. Then, use our office to get it

Second Year

  • Continue to visit our office, still 2 to 3 times during that second year. Use these opportunities to ask questions, get help searching for opportunities, and forming a personal relationship with your advisor.
  • Get involved in more extracurricular programs, particularly in leadership roles, to improve your resume.
  • Register on our online job posting site: Handshake: Use this site to research opportunities employers send to our office.
  • Finalize plans on a major.
  • Attend sophomore programming, and get ready for junior year.

Third Year

  • Apply for and complete an academic internship.
  • Pursue leadership roles on campus if you have not already, and continue to take part in extracurricular work (organizations, volunteer work, on and off campus jobs).
  • Develop a list of your top 5 employers and/or top 5 graduate programs that interest you, and start researching them for opportunities before and after graduation.
  • Attend our upperclassmen programming opportunities, such as
    • Our networking events
    • LinkedIn workshops
    • Interview training
    • Dress for Success 
    • Continue to visit our office, as needed. The internship process will be a good time to meet with us, as well as while you create your lists for post-graduation. 

Fourth Year

  • Take graduate school exams in the summer (before senior year) and fall, if needed.
  • Apply for graduate school programs in the early fall! Utilize our office to assist with cover letter writing, application help, and any other needs.
  • Participate in our programming opportunities for upperclassmen, if you have not already.
  • Use your professional relationships with faculty and professors for recommendations and finding unique employment opportunities. Many are specialized in their respective fields and have resources available to help you as well!
  • Finish strong in your academics and professional development all the way through graduation!