Blount Hall

A sandstone building with a slate roof.

Blount Hall, a residence hall completed in 1986, was dedicated on October 17, 1996, in recognition of Carolyn and Wynton Malcolm Blount as distinguished leaders, benefactors, and friends of Rhodes.

Boyle Court, provided by the employees of Boyle Investment Company in memory of Chairman Emeritus J. Bayard Boyle, Sr., was dedicated January 23, 1997. In 1998, as part of the 150th Anniversary celebration of Rhodes, a time capsule was buried in Boyle Court, to be opened in 2048.

Location: Middle East Side
Built: 1986 in conjunction with Robinson Hall
Named for: Called "New Dorm" for several years, Blount was finally dedicated to Carolyn and Wynton M. Blount in 1996.
Number of Residents: 60
Typical Use: Coed First-year students
Features: Suite-style rooms on first and second floors, first-floor common room, multiple "study rooms" throughout the hall, first floor laundry room

Blount Floor Plan (PDF)

Blount Room Dimensions (PDF)