First-Year Seminar

First-Year Seminar
Mondays, 4:20-5:10 p.m. (Fall 2017)

Course Description
This year-long seminar course provides opportunities for first-year students to explore core aspects of community formation and self-identity. Focused conversations and activities are centered on topics relevant to this stage in the student learning cycle, including academic and social wellbeing, and physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness. Students will explore what it means for them to be a member of an institution whose vision is to provide access to a rich environment for learning, engagement, and inspiration. As a result, students will learn more about Rhodes College and Memphis, and they will be challenged to contribute to making our campus a more accepting, inviting, and inclusive one.

Course Objectives
In conformity with the goals of F12 courses at Rhodes College, students in the first-year experience seminar will develop skills to become informed, active and engaged citizens. Students will:

  • Learn how to thrive within a learning environment
  • Learn about those resources necessary to flourish as an individual, as a scholar, and as an active citizen of the interconnected communities of Rhodes College, Memphis, and the wider world.