First-Year Experience

The First-Year Experience (FYE) at Rhodes

FYE is a year-long, integrative program for first-year students that is designed to ensure their success. Through participation in the Rhodes Reads program, weekly First-Year Seminar classes, and a wide range of other events and activities, students will explore what it means to be a member of the Rhodes community; develop the skills required to become an informed, active, and engaged student-citizen at Rhodes and in Memphis; and contribute to making our campus a welcoming and inclusive place for everyone.

2019 Rhodes Reads

Before arriving on campus in the fall, members of the class of 2023 should read Memphis: 200 Years Together, an anthology that brings together Memphis’ best local writers and scholars to cover the breadth and depth of the city’s history, politics, culture, business, music, food, religion, and art. A special panel discussion moderated by Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris will be held on September 19 in McNeill Concert Hall, followed by a concert by Memphis supergroup Motel Mirrors. In the fall, students will discuss the book with faculty, staff, and peer mentors.

First-Year Seminar

Every Monday during the fall and spring semesters, all new students will participate in an integrative seminar that provides time to discuss how to succeed as a student and community member at Rhodes. Conversations and activities will focus on how students can improve their academic and social wellbeing, as well as the resources that are available to help with physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness. Students also will be inspired to make the campus more accepting, inviting, and inclusive.

Activities and Events

All first-year students will participate in class-wide social and academic events – concerts, panel discussions, lectures, museum visits, and more – that take advantage of the excellent academic programs at Rhodes and the great city of Memphis. And throughout the year, students will interact in Peer Advisory groups, “Search” and “Life” classes, residence halls, and a wide range of social and academic venues to build a stronger Rhodes community.