New Student Programs and Leadership

The Office of New Student Programs & Leadership is responsible for coordinating the programming and events that assist new students and families with the transition to Rhodes College. It is our goal to create a sense of place and belonging for each student and family.

In addition, the office provides leadership development opportunities and education for students that enhances the college experience and facilitates their own personal and professional growth

Meet the Staff


Ira J. Lawson

Director of New Student Programs and Leadership

Emily El-Oqlah

Graduate Assistant, New Student Programs and Leadership

Jacob Greenberg, Class of 2021

Rhodes Student Associate, New Student Programs and Leadership

Lee Kezar, Class of 2019

New Student Programs Intern

Brannin Webber, Class of 2019

Rhodes Student Associate, Big Diehl

Zach Etzel, Class of 2020

Student Leadership Assistant

Thu-Trang Nguyen, Class of 2021

Student Leadership Assistant

Valentina Possu, Class of 2021

Student Leadership Assistant