RSAP History and Mission

Our vision is to bring highly motivated, highly qualified students that are specifically chosen by Rhodes faculty and staff to facilitate and influence the student work experience to provide valuable and meaningful service to Rhodes.  

RSAP provides enhanced employment opportunities for a select group of highly qualified, highly motivated Rhodes students, who collaborate with specially chosen faculty/administrator supervisors to provide valuable, meaningful service to both the student and the college.  The Student Associate has a rare opportunity to move from theory to practice, while honing job skills, exploring career options, developing professional networks, and earning substantial wages to offset the cost of attendance.

RSAP seeks to add dimension to student employment opportunities for Rhodes students, offering depth and breadth of the earn-as-you-learn experience.  RSAP aims beyond traditional work study and assistantship-type jobs.  It is expected that Student Associates will have little-to-no time on the job for study. 

The Rhodes Student Associate Program launched in the fall of 2004 with 20 student associates in 18 different departments. The program quickly gained popularity and prestige, resulting in the expansion and increasingly competitive student and position selection processes. At the start of 2017, there were 118 student associates in over 40 academic and administrative departments. One program goal is to expand the number of positions funded while maintaining high quality of positions for students, supervisors, and Rhodes.