The Rhodes Honor System

The Rhodes Honor System consists of the Honor Code, the Social Regulations Code, and the Rhodes Commitment to Diversity. By participating in the Honor System, all who make up the Rhodes College community maintain the values by which we live together. At the beginning of each school year, all incoming students sign a pledge affirming their commitment to the following:

Honor Code
"As a member of the Rhodes community, I pledge I will not lie, cheat, or steal, and that I will report any such violation that I may witness."

Social Regulations
"As a member of the Rhodes community, I pledge to respect my fellow students, faculty, staff and their property. I will treat others as I would be treated and their property as I would my own."

Rhodes Commitment to Diversity
"As a member of the Rhodes community, I pledge to help create a community where diversity is valued and welcomed. To this end I will not engage in, nor will I tolerate, harassment or discrimination based on race, gender, color, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and national or ethnic origin."

The objective of the Honor System is to foster the spiritual growth, moral fortitude, and intellectual development of the individual student. Students are personally responsible for their work, their actions, and their word. All students pledge to uphold the system in their daily lives and to report cases of violation to the appropriate student governing bodies.

The Honor System is a tradition which has been valued by the Rhodes community for more than a century. It allows the fullest possible expression of individual life in harmony with community life. It is a principle which members of the Rhodes community believe to be fundamental in ethical life, both during and after college.