Honors in Psychology


Members of the faculty of the Department of Psychology encourage students of exceptional academic accomplishment to pursue research with a departmental faculty sponsor that is of an in-depth, rigorous nature; students will be expected to conduct research one would normally experience in a graduate program. Because the level of involvement of the student and her or his faculty sponsor will be greater in Honors research than that in either a Tutorial or Directed Inquiry, the faculty of the Department of Psychology have established the following rules for student admission to and conduct in the Departmental Honors Program:

  • The student must have cumulative and major GPAs of at least 3.5 at the time of application for Honors work and upon graduation from the College;
  • The student must have prior research experience;
  • The research must be conducted during senior year, although the data may be collected prior to senior year; 
  • The student must participate in the Honors project for a minimum time period of two academic semesters, during which the student will be enrolled in Psychology 495-6 for eight credits, four  of which will be taken in the semester he or she is enrolled in Senior Seminar (Psychology 485);
  • The student must have completed at least 44 credits in Psychology at Rhodes by the completion of the Honors project (typically at graduation);  
  • Sponsorship by one faculty member in the Department (normally a faculty member will sponsor only one student at a time), one additional reader in the Department, and one reader outside the Department are required for the student’s Honors project;
  • The Honors project must be initiated by a student-generated Honors proposal that explicitly states the question(s) to be addressed in the Honors project and describes, in depth, the methodology and statistics that will be used to answer the question(s);
  • The student’s Honors proposal must be approved by the majority of the Department’s faculty;
  • The student and faculty sponsor must seek separate approval of the Honors project by the Department Chairperson if the project will require dedicated laboratory space and/or equipment (e.g., a dedicated computer), purchase with Departmental funds of goods and/or services, use of the student research participant pool, or other potential Departmental obligations;
  • The student must obtain IRB approval for use of human participants in his or her research prior to any data collection that involves humans;
  • The student and faculty sponsor must read the Rhodes College Honors Program and Honors Research document and the Guidelines for the Preparation of the Archival Copy of the Honors Paper document.  These documents can be found in the Honors Research folder in the Cares folder on the FacStaff Community server.
  • The Honors project must include a written work that is approved by the Faculty sponsor and the project’s designated readers before the student submits the work to the department for approval;
  • The Honors proposal and final paper need to conform to the style guidelines presented in the current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association;
  • The student must give an oral presentation of the results of the Honors project that is open to the public, and this presentation must be approved by the Faculty sponsor and the project’s designated readers;
  • the student who wishes to apply for Honors in Psychology normally will enroll in the Junior Seminar (Psychology 399) for one hour during the Spring Semester of his or her Junior year; in so doing the student initiates the honors proposal process.  
  • The student must complete each of stage of the Honors process no later than the dates specified below:

Senior Year Fall Semester

August 1

Student notifies the Department Chairperson in writing of her/his intent to apply for the Honors program; this notification must be co-signed by the faculty mentor who has agreed to supervise the project.

August 8

The Honors proposal has been approved by the faculty sponsor and both readers.

August 8

Student submits Honors proposal to Department.           

End of 7th day of classes

Student learns whether the Department approves or disapproves of the proposal. Suggested revisions will be sent to the student in a letter from the Department Chair.

End of 11th day of classes

If necessary, student submits revised proposal to Department, the revised proposal must be approved by the faculty sponsor and both readers.

End of the 14th day of classes

Last date for Honors Proposal to be approved by Department.

End of the 15th class day

Last date for Honors Registration to be submitted to the Registrar′s Office. Honors Registration may be submitted prior to final approval of project.

Senior Year Spring Semester

Prior to April 1

Faculty sponsor and readers provide feedback on Honors paper.

April 1

Student submits the Honors paper to the Department

April 10

Student learns whether Honors paper is accepted, rejected, or accepted pending revisions. Suggested revisions will be sent to the student in a letter from the Department Chair.

April 20

If necessary, student submits revised Honors paper to the Department; the faculty sponsor and readers will have read the revised paper. 

During last week of classes

Student will give a public talk of Honors research

Last day classes

Student will be notified in writing by the Department chair whether the Honors paper is accepted and honors are received.

Last day classes

Honors Project abstract must be submitted electronically to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for Curriculum– receipt will be acknowledged.

Due Date of Final Grades

Final approval to graduate with Honors and final grade from Department due in the Registrar’s Office by 9:00 a.m.

Friday following Commencement

Final print copy and a PDF copy on a CD of Honors Project is submitted to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for Curriculum.